The EFL Pre-Service Teacher Training in Iran: Is it Adequate or not?

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Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


Teacher training programs should provide evidence that they are preparing teacher trainees for their teaching career. However, the literature contains few evaluation reports of the layout of the pre-service EFL teacher training program in Iranian EFL context, a gap which this study tries to fill. The participants of the study were high school EFL teachers (n = 346), teacher trainees (n = 97) and teacher trainers (n = 20) from Guilan Province. This study utilized a concurrent mixed-method design to evaluate the adequacy of the program. Different components of the program, including needs analysis, objectives specification, instructional materials, teaching activities, and assessment procedures were evaluated in this study. The results of the questionnaire and observation checklist were analyzed quantitatively. For interview results, both quantitative (percentages) and qualitative analyses were deployed. The results revealed that the program had not been adequately laid-out. Finally, some practical solutions for the improvement of the program are suggested.


Article Title [Persian]

تربیت مدرس زبان انگلیسی در ایران: آیا آموزش ها کافی است؟

Authors [Persian]

  • امین خانجانی
  • فریدون وحدانی
  • منوچهر جعفری گوهر