The Effect of Using Mobile apps on the Acquisition of Conditional Sentences among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners

Document Type: Original Article


Islamic Azad university, Isfahan branch


Nowadays, there has been an increasing interest in the integration of technology in pedagogical purposes. This study was an attempt to delve in to the impact of a mobile application (Cushy Grammar) on the learning of conditional sentences (type1, 2 and 3) among Iranian intermediate EFL learners in Rooyesh institute in Isfahan. To this end, a group of 75 intermediate EFL learners were non-randomly placed in three groups. The participants were assigned in two experimental groups, namely Application learning (N=25), Blended learning (N=25), and one Control (N=25).The participants of the Application learning received materials and instructions merely through the app. In the second group, the Blended-based, the participants received traditional teaching methods of grammar (conditional sentences) plus learning via the app. Participants of the control group, however, were taught based on the traditional teaching methods of grammar and received the materials, instructions, and feedback through traditional methods. Data were analyzed using a one-way ANOVA and paired sample t-test to examine the impact of the App learning, Blended learning, and traditional method on the learning of conditional sentences. The results unraveled that the participants of the Application group outperformed two other groups in their learning of conditional sentences. Having a more meticulous look at the results, it was observed that participants of the Control group had a lower performance compared to the experimental groups in the post-test. The results revealed that employing an application learning method could create an appropriate condition to enhance the EFL learners’ acquisition of conditional sentences.