Guide for Authors

 Dear Authors

Registration: First of all, you need to register. Please click on the following link to register and start the submission process:

Format: One of the requirements for submitting the paper is following the format of the journal. All the details of the format are shown in a word file. You can copy and paste your manuscript in the file or follow the guidelines. If the paper does not follow the format, it is rejected. In order to download the format guie, please click on the following word: Guide for Format

Content: All the manuscripts should have the following sections: (Ttile, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Funding Information, Conflict of Interst)

Referencing: Authors need to follow APA 6th Edition for referencing. 

The last section of the format guide is the referencing guide. If you want to download the referencing guide, please click on the following phrase: Guide for Referencing 

 Copyright: The last point is related to the copyright of the manuscripts. For downloading the copyright form, click on the following phrase: Copyright Form

Reviewing and Publication Fee (هزینه داوری و چاپ)

If your manuscript is accepted to be reviewed, you need to pay 1.500.000 Rials for the review process.

Besides that, if your manuscript is accepted to be published you need to pay 2.500.000 Rials for the publication. having paid the fee, please upload the picture of the receipt. The account details are given below. 

شماره شبا: IR 750100004001073803020559

شناسه واریز: 327073863119200006400331516200

وارد کردن هر دو شماره ضروریست.

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