Peer Review Process

Peer review Process

Please note that the initial review process, leading to our first decision, can take from one week to 10 days from the time of submission.

If the paper is sent to the reviewers, usually two reviewers, it will take 4-8 weeks depending on the reviewers. 

If a manuscript must be revised, the revised version must be resubmitted within two weeks.

  1. The submission must be original and not a revision or restatement of extant research in the field.
  2. The submission must not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  3. The submission must include an abstract summarizing the manuscript, with a maximum of 250 words.
  4. The submission must conform to the APA style guidelines.
  5. Authors may use British or American spelling, but they must be consistent.
  6. All quoted material must be cited in text and in a reference list.


1: The manuscript is checked to see if it fits the aims and scope of the journal by the editor in chief. If yes, it will be sent for the format and plagiarism checking stage.

2. The manuscript is checked for plagiarism and format problems by the managing editor. If it is according to the journal format, it is sent for plagiarism check. We reject those papers which scontain more than 10% similarity. This is done through ithenticate.

3. If accepted, then the editor in chief checks if the manuscript is of high quality to be sent for review or not.  These three steps willl take from one week to ten days. Before sending to the reviewers, the authors have to pay 1500000 Rials for the review process.

4. If it is of high quality, it will be sent to two reviewers to be reviewed. This might take one to two months.

5. If both reviewers choose accept or minor revision, the text is sent back to the authors for revision. This revision must be done in less than two weeks. If the reviewers' opinions are very different, the manuscript is sent to the third reviewer. 

6. After revising the manuscript and highlighting the changes in two different colors, the authors send the revised manuscript back to the editor. The editor checks each and every comment.

7. The manuscript is again checked for format and style by the language editor.

8. It is sent to the page designer to be made ready for publication.

9. The authors pay 2500000 Rials, which covers the publication fee. 

10. The article is published in the section "in press" or directly entering the next issue, depending on the due time of publication.