Since the beginning of 2019, we have received 469 manuscripts. Out of these:

1. The authors have deleted or withdrawn 80 manuscripts. 

2. 302 manuscripts are rejected.

3. 87 manuscripts are accepted.


Acceptance Rate: 19%


Iranian Journal of English for Academic Purposes (IJEAP) is a quarterly journal publishing research in the field of EAP and ESP.


Publication Frequency: Four issues a year ( Each one containing at least 6 articles)

Review Policy: Double-blind review

Access: Open Access, Free of Charge

Review time: One month ( The first decision) + About two months (review time)

Publication and Reviewing Fee (4000000 Rials): (2 500 000 Rials, Publication Fee) + (1 500 000 Rials, Review Fee)

Number of volumes and issues published: Eleven volumes (22 issues)

Type of paper rerviewed and accepted: Original Research Paper


Main points related to submission:

We do not accept email submissions. All submissions and related affairs are done through journal online submission system.

Main points to consider before submission:

1. You cannot add or delete any author to the list after submitting the paper.

2. You cannot change the corresponding author after the manuscript is accepted, revised, or submitted.

3. Authors can publish just one paper in every four issues. We do not even consider the second submission until three full issues are published after the issue containing the author's published paper.  

4. There is no fixed format for the copyright form. You need to upload a word file, in which you mention the originality of research and accept that all the rights and interests are assigned and transferred to the Iranian Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

5. You need to upload the following files: A. Main file without authors' names but including the abstract and title, B. Title page, C. Cover letter, D. Copyright transfer form, E. Similarity check result (ithenticate), and F. The data file (SPSS, transcription of the interviews, or the word file if you have done content analysis)



Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 - Serial Number 13, March 2024 

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